birthday girl

Canonet QL17 G3 | B+W yellow filter #8| Ilford  HP5

neg’s all scratched up. oh well.

adventures in street photography: was walking downtown lunch hour today snapping shots and was  harrassed by some brotha who was following me and talking mad shit “perpetrators from other countries taking pictures. why don’t you go take pictures in beverly hills, cambodian?” (he was in the background in a picture i snapped of tagging on a payphone).

whipped out my iphone, pretended to dial 911 and said “yeah i’m on 7th and broadway being harrassed by an african american male wearing a plaid scarf. about 40 years old, beard. something about moving back to cambodia…yadda yadda”

brotha backed away still talking shit. “go back to cambodia, motherfucker! you dont belong here! fuck you and your camera! fucking foreigner!!!”

i smiled at him and walked away.

oh yeah, happy birthday,  myah.



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